Network Support

Communication and collaboration are at the core of every successful business’s workflow. Tech-Keys offers a variety of network services to ensure that your data sharing experience ┬áis smooth and uninterrupted.

Network Design

Whether you need a network to connect with employees, clients, or both, Tech-Keys can design it.

Because sharing data efficiently is integral to your business, Tech-Keys consultants and technicians design effective networks with care and forethought. Every network we deploy conforms to top industry standards for security and reliability, affording you a dependable way to share data and resources.

Network Monitoring

Because you can’t afford downtime.

When your systems are functioning properly, you can go about your business, but when components fail or malicious intruders take down your site, you need to expend valuable time and resources getting back online. Tech-Keys can monitor you networks for internal problems or external threats and give you up-to-the-minute alerts about system status, saving you valuable time to devote to your business.

Colocation Hosting

Your valuable network server deserves a secure environment.

Hosting your server in Tech-Keys’ secure location provides multiple benefits.

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your server is protected in a cooled environment with backup generators and multiple redundant internet connections, ensuring that your networks won’t go offline in case of a disaster.

Also, take advantage of our fast bandwidth and cost-effective hosting for a win-win solution.

Structured Cabling

Your very own information superhighway.

All your communication and data pass through your office via the specialized wiring that connects your network’s components to each other and to the outside world. Tech-Keys expertly installs and maintains the cabling you need to keep you in the loop at all your office locations.


Get more computing bang for your buck.

Virtualization is the wave of the future. Let Tech-Keys show you how one machine can function as several virtual computers, reducing overhead while maintaining productivity. By having one computer apportion resources based on need, you can improve efficiency and boost your bottom line.

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