Today’s digital offices shouldn’t have to rely on outdated, paper-heavy routines for communication and documentation needs. Tech-Keys can design your office infrastructure for maximum efficiency in communication and countless day-to-day tasks.

Document Management

Rid your office of paper piles.

In the twenty-first century, there’s no excuse for wasting valuable office space on stacks of paper files that are messy, inconvenient, and difficult to manage. Using cutting-edge document management software, Tech-Keys can set up your office systems to track and control your important documents electronically.

Our systems can streamline your processes, saving time as you call up your files with a click of your mouse instead of spending time riffling through your files. Also, rest easy with the knowledge that your critical records are securely backed up.

Email Archiving

Critical communications at your fingertips.

When you can’t afford to delete your important emails, but you can’t afford to let their storage slow down your systems’ performance, Tech-Keys’ email archiving services can solve your dilemma. Archival software keeps your emails accessible and searchable in case of necessity, while freeing up space and resources on your server.

Mobile Device Support

Getting the most from your hand-held device.

As technology improves, mobile devices like Blackberries and smartphones become increasingly important to business. Tech-Keys can help you choose and configure devices for your employees so you can maximize their productivity. Then, when you run into the inevitable technical issues that are an unavoidable part of cellphone usage, we can troubleshoot and get you connected again, whether your issue is with hardware, software, or service.

Remote Connectivity

Be at work anywhere in the global village.

Gone are the days when you could only get things done while in the physical confines of your office. Tech-Keys’ remote solutions allow you to access your network and data from anywhere with an internet connection. Whether you want to allow your employees to telecommute, access important data on the road, or set up a remote office, Tech-Keys can provide you with a remote connectivity solution that will meet your company’s needs.

Voice Over IP

Low-Voltage Systems

Wireless Options

Telephone Systems


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