Meet our team of industry experts.

Michael Fried


Michael started Tech-Keys in 2009 and built an amazing team that prides itself in outstanding customer service.

"Love what you do, and never work a day in your life!"

Under Michael's leadership, Tech-Keys has grown from a three-person break-fix IT company to the world-class MSP we are today. Michael’s passion for Tech-Keys and the reputation that it has for exceptional services manifests in each interaction, It’s that passion that attracts customers and motivates the team to continue improving at every opportunity.

When Michael isn’t hard at work, he is spending time with his beautiful family or competing with friends in cycling competitions. Michael is known in his community as someone that's always helping others and the community as a whole.

Hassan Riaz


Hassan joined Tech Keys in January of 2020 and brings with him a passion for team engagement, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!"

Before joining Tech-Keys, Hassan spent 3 years at Uber building various operations from the ground up. Prior to that, he spent 6 years in McMaster-Carr’s management development program where he honed his skills in people, process, and project management. He attended George Washington University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in Economics and Public Policy.

In his spare time, Hassan enjoys traveling, reading, going to museums, and watching every interview of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. 

Sol Birnbaum


Sol started at Tech-Keys in 2011. With a strong background in computer science, he leads the charge of keeping our technology and standards current.

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Soon after starting in 2011, Sol was appointed the lead authority on technology, which later evolved into the role of CTO. At Tech-Keys, Sol has worked hard to develop the technology standards and processes we deliver to our clients. He now leads the charge of keeping our technology stack current and helping clients realize productivity and efficiency gains through tailored solutions.

In his free time, Sol enjoys relaxing activities, fitness, finance, and the outdoors. He is constantly learning new topics and ideas, taking on new hobbies, and loves having new experiences.

Jack Silver

VP, Customer Success

Jack started at Tech-Keys in 2011 and has built an amazing team that prides itself in outstanding customer service.

"Treat your customers like you would want to be treated."

Jack started in 2011 as an intern and has worked in many departments throughout the years. Jack's broad experience has allowed him to gain incredible insight into the wants and needs of clients. His depth and breadth of experiences allows him to ensure that Tech-Keys never loses sight of the ultimate goal - Providing world class IT service!

When Jack isn't helping teammates or clients, he loves grooving to country music and running outdoors.

Kim DeAndrea

VP, Purchasing

Kim joined Tech-Keys in 2013 as an Executive Assistant and shortly thereafter built out the department now known as "Purchasing".

"Make the customer the hero of your story."

As Kim continued to build out her department, she eventually landed the position of VP of Purchasing.

Kim’s role is to ensure that our clients are getting the correct equipment, at the best price, in a timely fashion – this stems from her dedication to helping others. This has encouraged Kim to take interest in various departments allowing her to assist the rest of the team however she can.

When not working, Kim enjoys spending time laughing with her family over Sunday dinners and binge watching the latest Netflix hits.

Mike Silva

VP, Team Success

Mike joined Tech-Keys in 2013 as a Project Manager. From day one, his passion for promoting culture and caring deeply for team dynamics and relationships was clear.

"Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success!"

From day one, Mike's passion for promoting culture and caring deeply for team dynamics and relationships was clear. As the company grew, Mike moved into a Team Success role, promoting culture and displaying tremendous care for every member of the team.

Mike believes very much in enjoying life and is a man of many interests. When not working, he is hanging out with family/friends, playing sports, exercising, playing music, or just finding something fun to do.

James Vujicic

VP, Engineering

James joined Tech-Keys in 2014, as a Senior Engineer with a strong background in various technologies.

"Dream big. Work hard. Stay focused."

Initially, James' main focus was working with the technical teams to resolve complex issues and implement high-level projects. As the company grew, his focus shifted to becoming the technical leader of the implementation team. James' determination and willingness to help others shaped him into his current role as VP of Engineering, where he focuses on building high-level technology teams that build success for clients.

When he's not working hard, James enjoys many varied activities such as riding his motorcycle, skiing, spending time with his family, listening to audiobooks, and tinkering with machines.

Meir Gregg

VP, Customer Support

Meir joined Tech-Keys in 2016 as an intern. Within a year, he moved into a site lead role and now leads Tech-Keys' entire support department.

"Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise!"

Meir's passion for learning, his ability to understand complex workflows, and his devotion to training have been the keys to his success. He puts client experience above all else and instills these values in every member of our helpdesk and support teams. In addition to setting the direction for the department, Meir invests heavily in working with team leads to improve their departments and guides them in building up their teams.

In his free time, Meir enjoys music, fishing, water sports, skiing, and spending time with his family and friends.

Mark Weldler

VP, Sales

Mark started with Tech-Keys in 2014 as an onsite service tech, and quickly moved into the role of Account Manager and vCIO.

"We believe in providing excellent service. We care; that is our mission."

Mark’s understanding of business processes, as well as his strong relationships with clients on all levels, has given him the ability to translate business requirements into technology offerings that meet the unique needs of our clients, crucial in his current role as VP of Sales. Customer satisfaction and client care have always been the cornerstone of Mark’s service delivery, a perfect fit for Tech-Keys’ way of doing business.

When not working, Mark loves spending time with his lovely family, running outdoors, and watching documentaries.

Ari Klein

VP, Solution Design

Ari started with Tech-Keys in 2013 as a high-level engineer, and later transitioned in a solution design role.

"IT design is the art of molding technology to accelerate your goals and create opportunity."

In 2013, Ari started working on the helpdesk and then transitioned into implementing complex projects. This gave him a good technical background for solution architecting. When the opportunity came up, he transitioned into a solution design position. He enjoys problem solving which helps him immensely in his job as he tries to understand complex IT challenges and builds custom-tailored IT solutions for our clients. Helping our clients solve big challenges is greatly rewarding for Ari.

When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, and learning new things.