In 2009, Tech-Keys was established when Michael Fried and Yosef Baumgarten purchased the company they worked at as the owner was retiring. In the early days, Tech-Keys was a break-fix IT company; this consisted of mostly reactive work such as driving around the tristate, resolving issues on computers and servers. Despite lacking formal office space, they diligently served clients, often working from the road and renting a desk in Brooklyn for other administrative tasks.

Tech-Keys was becoming known as the “urgent care” for small businesses who needed a quick check-up/fix for any issue they had.

That said, the company would be changed forever following a pivotal conversation Michael had with a client in 2011. On the phone, Michael proudly told his client that “at 7:00 AM one of the company’s employees called in with an email issue, and it was resolved by 7:07 AM!”

 What was said to Michael after this changed the way he thought about IT forever.

“Everyone knows that Tech-Keys is the best at putting out fires, however, the question is, why is there a fire to begin with?”

That question forced Michael to stop and think, “What could he do to help clients AVOID issues and align interests in addition to being the fastest to resolve issues?” This inquiry into the root causes of recurring issues prompted a paradigm shift in Tech-Keys’ approach to IT management.

Recognizing the need to address underlying issues rather than merely extinguishing fires, the company transitioned into a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

The MSP mindset was a newer idea at the time, but clients quickly learned that it was the future. Hourly rates were replaced with monthly agreements, and clients now had a technology partner who was working full-time to ensure they were focused on the bigger picture.

Adopting the MSP model propelled Tech-Keys into unprecedented growth. By prioritizing client needs and fostering transparent, proactive relationships, Tech-Keys cultivated a loyal clientele. The commitment to excellence, rooted in Tech-Keys’ core purpose of “creating success for others through the use of technology”, became the cornerstone of the operations. Tech-Keys’ commitment to not just being an IT provider, but a strategic IT partner, solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

Looking back on Tech-Keys’ journey, several key lessons emerge for businesses aspiring to replicate its success:

  1. Prioritize Proactivity: Transition from reactive problem-solving to proactive risk management. Anticipate potential issues and implement preventive measures to safeguard client operations.
  2. Embrace Transparency: Nobody wants to conduct business with a company they can’t trust. Being honest, UP-FRONT will aid in fostering trust and long-term partnerships.
  3. Cultivate Client-Centricity: Place client success at the forefront of your operations. Listen attentively, CARE about the success of your client as you do your own, and consistently exceed expectations to build enduring relationships.
  4. Foster a Culture of Excellence: Define and uphold core values that guide your organization’s behavior. Invest in your team, empower them to pursue excellence, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  5. Adapt and Innovate: Embrace change and stay ahead of industry trends. Continuously evaluate and refine your offerings to remain competitive and relevant in a dynamic marketplace.

Tech-Keys’ journey is an inspiring example of how innovation, dedication, and client-centricity can lead to building a successful business. In a world where technology is constantly and rapidly changing, it’s easy to feel like there is nothing your business can do that is “new”. However, innovation cannot happen without people facilitating it. At Tech-Keys, we are not just technology experts, we are also masters of fostering long-standing relationships with our clients. We focus on listening to our clients and their feedback, taking the time to understand their struggles, so we can develop innovative solutions that make their lives better.

The Major Takeaway:

By putting your client’s needs and success at the center of everything you do, you too can create the same long-term growth and success that Tech-Keys has achieved!